Shire Horse Breeders in California

HUSKA Millennium Acres and HUSKA Millennium Shires

Our farm HUSKA Millennium Acres is home to HUSKA Millennium Shires dedicated to breeding the highest quality Shire horses. The Shire horse is the main focus on the farm and most of the work is done using the horses. The versatile Shires are handled regularly and the foals are imprinted at birth to ensure ease of handling and a sweet and trusting disposition.

Our brood mares are carefully selected and many of our home bred fillies are entering our breeding program.

We always have Shires for sale.  We also periodically have Shire-Thoroughbred Sporthorses, for sale. 

We are located in the beautiful wine country surrounding Paso Robles, California.

We welcome your inquiries and visitors to our farm.  We hope you enjoy our visit to our site.